About Us

Clarus Ventures is a global investment firm dedicated to life sciences. Founded in 2005 by a team of accomplished investment and operating professionals, we approach healthcare investing with a passion for novel ideas and the discipline to generate attractive and predictable returns. Clarus manages $1.7 billion of assets across three funds. Through multiple platforms we have invested in over 50 private and public companies in the biotechnology, medical device, and diagnostic spaces.

Our team’s expertise has enabled us to establish a long history of creating value through partnerships with Entrepreneurs, The Biopharmaceutical and Medical Technology industries to develop cutting edge therapeutics, devices and diagnostics. Our diverse network has allowed us to source and capitalize on unique investment opportunities.

In every investment we employ a hands-on philosophy and adhere to our investment principals which are founded on our core competencies of development and clinical expertise, regulatory knowledge, and the ability to adapt to an ever changing investment landscape. We strive to generate outstanding returns for our investors and thrive on discovering and developing innovative products that improve people’s lives.